Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Alvarado St. products:

  1. What is sprouted wheat?

    This really is the most commonly asked question from customers from coast to coast. Our sprouted grain breads, bagels, buns, pizzas, and tortillas are truly unique in that they are made with "Sprouted Whole Wheat" as opposed to flour. Most bakeries get up in the morning, open up a bag of flour and make something. At Alvarado Street Bakery, our process is quite a bit different. We take whole, organic wheat berries and soak them in filtered water until they "sprout", until they actually begin to grow. When the excess water has been drained, we grind the "living sprouts" into dough. What comes out of our grinder is not a dry powder, but a wet and mushy dough that becomes the basis for all of our recipes. Add a little fresh yeast, some sea salt and a bit of sweetness (natural honey, organic raisins, organic dates, pure barley malt) and there you have it, the ultimate whole grain bread! The concept of baking bread with sprouted grains is not a new idea. In fact, it dates back to biblical times when sprouted spelt (what we now know as wheat) was combined with sprouted lentil beans and sprouted soybeans. The sprouting process naturally converts starchy grains into easily digested maltose and other complex sugars. There is enzyme activity created during germination that begins to "pre-digest" the grains, thereby making the grains and their nutrients and vitamins more readily assimilated by the body. The addition of the sprouted legumes (soybeans/lentil beans) provided the essential amino acids necessary for a complete protein. This mixture was then crushed, formed into ovals and slow-baked. Centuries later, our recipe is basically the same.

  2. Do your products contain ingredients that have been genetically modified?

    All of the ingredients that Alvarado Street Bakery uses are certified non-GMO, including our soy-based lecithin and organic corn. We are in support of the growing movement here in the United States that wants the Federal government to insist that foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) be clearly labeled.

  3. It says no added oil - does that mean fat free?

    Most of our sprouted breads and bagels are made without adding oil, with the exception of our Fundamental Fiber Bread that contains safflower oil. The fat that's listed on the nutritional facts panel on our sprouted breads and bagels is simply the oil that is naturally found in all whole grains… no added oil.

  4. What about wheat allergies?

    Many people in the world today have allergic reactions to wheat or have difficulty assimilating products made from wheat flour. During the process of sprouting wheat, there is an enzyme created that begins to "predigest" the wheat and many people have been found to be more tolerant of sprouted wheat products than of those produced from wheat flour.

    Other allergens that may be present include: Corn and Soybeans.

  5. Does your bakery use peanuts, tree nuts, dairy or eggs?

    No. Allergens that are NEVER used in our bakery include: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Eggs & Dairy. (Our Sprouted Wheat Original Pizza Bread does contain a small amount of low-fat, skim-milk mozzarella. This product is baked in a separate facility using separate equipment and never comes into contact with other products.)

  6. What about preservatives?

    At Alvarado Street Bakery we never use chemical preservatives or additives of any kind, no dough conditioners, no bromides, nothing artificial. This natural approach leaves our products with a very short life. Whereas most breads don¹t freeze well, becoming dry and tasteless, our sprouted products do exceptionally well when stored frozen. This has enabled us to offer our products to customers throughout the country, and even internationally, who simply thaw and enjoy... the ultimate bread. The result is a light textured, whole grain, flour-less bread that is both nutritious and delicious... the Ultimate Bread!

  7. Do you have breads that are low in carbohydrates?

    Our Essential Flax Seed Bread offers only 6.5 net grams of carbohydrates per slice.

    Due to the sprouting process and our limited use of natural sweeteners many of our breads contain significantly less carbohydrates than traditional breads made with flour. At Alvarado Street Bakery, we’ve always emphasized the importance of whole grains and the right carbs! The Whole Grains in our Sprouted Breads are “Complex Carbs”… not the simple carbs and simple sugars we should all strive to avoid. The benefits of whole grains and complex carbs in a healthy diet have long been established. Every body needs carbohydrates… make sure you choose the right carbs!

  8. Do you make a biblical or "Ezekiel" style bread ?

    Our California Style Complete Protein Bread contains the essential ingredients as listed in Ezekiel Verse 4:9 in the Old Testament.

  9. Do you make Whole Wheat bakery products?

    Our "Sprouted Wheat" recipes give our customers whole-wheat in its most nutritious form. While most of our breads are 100% Whole Wheat…all of our products have organic whole wheat as the number one ingredient. (With the exception of our Spelt Bagels)

  10. Where can I find your products?

    Alvarado Street Bakery products are available throughout the country, and even internationally. We deliver our products fresh daily throughout Northern California on our own fleet of trucks. You should be able to find us in almost any food market in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Outside of our home turf, we can be found in most natural food store or health food market as well as many major supermarkets throughout the country (most likely in the in-store bakery department). If your favorite market isn’t carrying our breads… please ask them to contact us and we’ll work with them to get our products into their stores.

    Please use our STORE LOCATOR to find a store near you.

  11. Can I order your bread directly from you?

    All of our products are available for purchase through our web site. Due to the fact that we do not use any preservatives, we ship using only FedEx Overnight, 2 day and 3 day shipping options. We do not add any additional costs to the FedEx shipping rates. Many customers find the FedEx shipping costs to be cost prohibitive. It is almost always more cost effective to purchase our products at your local grocery or natural foods store. To find a store in your area, please check our store locator.

    We ship everything fresh, directly from our bakery to your doorstep. Due to the nature of our products, we only ship on Mondays so that the order reaches you within 1-3 days and doesn't get stuck at a warehouse over a weekend. All orders received prior to 2 PM (PST) on Friday will ship the following Monday. Once your order has arrived, it can be frozen and will keep well for many months.

  12. Why are you called Alvarado Street Bakery when you are not on Alvarado Street?

    When we were thinking on a name to call the bakery we ran a “name the bakery” contest in the community. We sat down with all the entered names and came close to being called “Bread and Circuses” (as we do have the required amount of clowns here!). But as we sat there pondering a choice someone said, “Hey, why not Alvarado Street Bakery just like the sign sitting on top of the flour bags?” (an Alvarado Street sign from Los Angeles had found its way into the bakery from a slight fender bender done by a co-worker). The name resonated and we knew that this was the name for us. The sign still sits over our ovens as a talisman of good fortune under which all our bread passes daily.

  13. And is there a story behind the cat on the sign?

    Back in the days of yore, we had a bakery cat that lived in and around the bakery. Her name was Greta and she was part of our hippie organic pest management program (we have changed and improved tremendously over the years and are very proud of our current food safety/hygiene program!). Greta used to sleep on the bags of flour right below the Alvarado Street sign. She lived a full life and is now immortalized on all of our packaging.

    Greta would be especially proud of the work her skateboarding nephew Scooter is doing with our product Ultimate Kids Bread. It’s the ultimate alternative to what most bakeries try to get kids to eat. 100% Whole Grain, lightly sweetened with honey, and kids (of all ages!) love it!